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Far-Left University Professor Flees Questions About the Arson Attack on His Ex-Wife

After ten years of marriage, Tobias Hübinette was “cucked” by his best friend Erik. The mentally ill left-wing extremist and “professor” responded with a series of arson attacks against the couple…

After ten years of marriage, Tobias Hübinette was “cucked” by his best friend Erik. The mentally ill left-wing extremist and anti-white university “professor” responded by setting his ex-wife’s belongings on fire and spray painted “Die Erik” in the living room. He later went to Erik’s home, threw a burning match through the letterbox, and poured gasoline over the door…

In collaboration with

, we sought Tobias Hübinette for a comment about the arson attack on his ex-wife. Instead of explaining himself, Hübinette tried to seek shelter with the police and later fled into the subway!

Atlasgatan i Vasastan, Stockholm.

Sets Fire to His Own Apartment

On June 20, 2006, Vastastan in Stockholm was shaken by an event that revealed Tobias Hübinette’s true face. The left-wing AFA founder and anti-white racist crossed the line, driven by jealousy, frustration, and severe mental illness. After a ten-year relationship, Tobias and his wife Anna separated. But when Anna started a relationship with Tobias’s friend Erik, Tobias lost it.

Early in the morning of June 20, Tobias took Anna’s belongings, including her wedding dress, out onto the balcony. He set them on fire with a match. But he didn’t stop there. Tobias used chemical agents to make the clothes ignite faster.

Around 9:30, the fire brigade was called to the apartment. They found a pile of burnt clothes and severe burn marks on the building. Inside the apartment, Tobias had spray painted messages like “Die Erik” on the walls.

Later that same day, Tobias went to Erik’s apartment in Kungshamra, Solna. He tried to set fire to the mailbox and poured gasoline on the door. Luckily, it never caught fire; Hübinette was so agitated and emotionally unstable that he couldn’t accomplish this simple task.

Two Months in Prison

Tobias Hübinette was later sentenced to two months in prison for unlawful threats and public endangerment. The arson charge was dismissed because the court could not establish that Hübinette was in a sane state of mind and thus might not have understood that the fire could have spread to the rest of the building.

Flees Critical Questions

When Nick Alinia sought Tobias Hübinette for a comment about the arson attacks, he received no response. Instead, the multiple convicted violent criminal ran across the street and was nearly hit by a passing taxi. After a failed attempt to get the police to stop Alinia from asking questions, Hübinette fled onto a subway train.

Read more about Hübinette’s criminal activities

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